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Hi there! I’m Cody Woods, and my journey in the Apostolic church began back in 2006. Currently, I actively contribute as the Media/IT director in my local church, heading up the Community Outreach Team, serving on the Youth and Events Team. Since 2018, I’ve been dedicated to managing the Media/IT aspects of our church services, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for our congregation. Outside of my church involvement, I spent over five years working for a Digital Marketing Company, where my skills and passion for digital marketing flourished.

Having honed my expertise in the digital realm, I discovered a unique intersection between my professional background and my desire to contribute to the growth of God’s kingdom. This realization has led me to actively assist churches in leveraging digital marketing for apostolic churches to foster growth and connection within their communities. I find great fulfillment in combining my technical know-how with my passion for serving in the church, contributing to the expansion and outreach of my local church and beyond. 

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